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Tivoli Gröna Lund is not the most famous European theme park. With just over 1 million visitors every year it is doing a better job though than our Belgian parks Walibi Belgium and Bobbejaanland. That is with good reason as the park invests a lot of money every year in expansions and improvements. ThemeParkVision was able to have a look behind the scenes of the park on a cold winter noon of January thanks to ride manager Peter Osbeck.

Introduction to Tivoli Gröna Lund

If you plan a trip to this little gem in Stockholm, please check our parkguide for opening hours before you book your transportl With only around 125 opening days, Tivoli Grönal Lunds' season is very short. In June, July and August you have the biggest chance to walk through the gates of the park in Djursgarden. In May and September the park is open mostly during the weekends only. The colder climate of the Swedish capital probably is the biggest cause of this. Gröna Lund offers its guests the ability to visit the park for a very low price of +/- 7,5 euro, but you will not be allowed on the parks' rides with that ticket. For those you can choose between ride tokens or an 'all in one' wristband, which gives you the possibility to ride all attractions as many times as you like during the operating hours of your day of visit. Around 25% of the parks' visitors take the wristband. The others only take a few rides or rather look at all the impressive sights of the spectacular rides the park has within its fences. Because even though the area at the park is limited, there are some spectacular must-do attractions.

Attractions dismantled, packed or under construction (see photos)

During the walk through the park, it becomes very clear that the ride manager does a good job protecting his rides against the winter cold. Trains are stored in technical buildings, some rides are even completely dimantled during offseason to rebuild them in spring. Fortunately Gröna Lund also has several covered attractions that don't really need protection. The 'Lustige Huset' is one of those, the second most popular ride (just behind Jetline) of the park. On the photos you can see some of the magnificent interior paintings of a Swedish artist.

In 2009 the park will open a spectacular new rollercoaster. According to Mr Osbeck the thrill will be comparable with that of the parks' drop tower. Although the rides' 4! fundations are on dry land, the track will go over the water because of its location and layout . This will cause an extra dimension. The fundations of Insane were almost ready when we visited mid January, no trace of the track though. Some concepts of the new ride:

Peter Osbeck

ThemeParkVision would like to thank ride manager Peter Osbeck for his hospitality. An detailed report of our visit will be published in Rollercoaster Friends' magazine 'Achtbaner'. More information on this fanclub can be found (in Dutch) on